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Find out what coin you have using our coin image recognition search. Select an image of your coin to identify it - upload an image of the front (obverse) of a coin to identify what type of coin it is.

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What is a Coin Checker?

A coin checker is a coin recognition app. It can identify any coin, including the year and mint, from a photo of the front and back of the coin.

How does the Coin Checker work?

Our coin checker works by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to recognize images.

We have built a "learning" software that we continually "teach" to more accurately identify a broader range of coins, both modern and rare. Our coin checker is capable of identifying any coin, medal or token. However, it is still young - we are training it more and more every day. The more our users use it to identify coins, the smarter it gets!

How do I identify my coin?

If the coin identifier above does not identify your coin, then follow these steps to figure out what type of coin you have.

  1. First, find the date of the coin and notice the language of any text on the coin.
  2. If the text is in a language you understand or can translate, this can help identify what region this coin is from.
  3. Third, notice the denomination if it is found on the coin.
  4. The date, country of origin, and denomination should help identify the major series of coin.
  5. From that point, finding a mint mark will help narrow down exactly what coin you have.
Understandably coins can be well worn and parts can be blurred or missing, for situations like this any information about the coin you can type into a search engine will help pull up similar pictures from where the coin can be identified or narrowed between several candidates. In these cases especially, color and size can be very important for narrowing down what you have.

Coinoscope vs. Numiis

Numiis's coin identifier articificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary valuation machine learning algorithm that not only identifies your coin, it also tells you the most accurate market value for your coin, which is often the information you are really searching for.

Coinoscope and Numiis have some similar offerings. Both offer a service to help identify coins based on a picture. Coinoscope is only a mobile app, while Numiis is both website and mobile based. The major differences lie in the details. Coinoscope takes your image and offers similar images up for you to determine if it is a match to those coins or not. This could skip important things like mintage or year of the coin which play a large role in determining the value of your coin. Numiis' coin identifier takes your image and identifies it as a unique coin and includes information like date and mint. Identifying exactly what coin you have instead of just the series offers incredible advantages in determining what the coin is worth. This is where Numiis stands apart from other coin recognition pps.

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