Coin Values

Determining the value of a coin or numismatic item is at the center of all rare coin collecting and dealing. That's why we've created this site as a dedicated resource for all the information you need to determine the value of your coins, medals and notes.

And, that's why we built the world's first real-time coin values app that gives you the value of any coin based on global market trends and our own proprietary algorithm.

Information on coin values

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Coin values mobile app

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Precious metals prices

The current price of precious metals such as gold and silver play a major part in the value of bullion and semi-numismatic coins. We track the daily prices of precious metals, and incorporate those prices changes into our coin values app:

Gold $1,871.24
Silver $23.15
Platinum $858.20
Palladium $2,236.07

(Updated 2020-09-25)

Other Resources

Here are some other online resources and websites to help you learn about coin valuation:

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