About the Numismatic Database Project

OUR MISSION: Organize all information for every currency from every region and era, and make it instantly accessible. Provide insights and intelligence so collectors and investors can make smart purchases.

The Numismatic Database project was started by Grant Powell, a numismatist and digital innovator.

What the Numis DB App Solves:

Problem #1: How can I get information instantly on an uncommon coin?

For most coin collectors, as you peruse booths at a coin show, or listings or an auction, there are many moments where you find a coin, medal or note of interest, and want to know more, but don't know where to start... The Numismatic Database is the solution to that problem.

With a single search, you can find information on any known item instantly, including details on mintages, origin, availability and much more. All the pieces of information you need to feel knowledgeable about any particular numismatic item.

Problem #2: What is this coin worth?

After learning about an item, you are ready to decide whether or not you want to purchase it. And if you do, you are presented with the second problem: how much should I pay?

The Numismatic Database constrantly tracks information about numismatic items that determine it's value, primarily: rarity, availability, recent sales. By tracking recent sale and auction prices, along with general availability of an item, our app can instantly tell you the true market value of an item and whether or not its price is trending up or day.

→ Knowledge is power - download our mobile app today and start making smarter purchases.

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