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The Top 10 Highest Valued Coins Sold in 2020

Read about the top 10 most expensive coins sold at auction in 2020.

Rare Coin Values Soar in 2020 As Investor Interest Spikes

Rare coins have received an enormous boost, with the Rare Coin Values Index hitting an all-time high.

Numismag Interviews Grant Powell on Coin Valuation and Numiis' AI Technology

Our founder discusses coin valuations and how AI technology can bring helpful tools to numismatics.

Complementary Local Currency in the Age of Covid-19

The use of local currencies are flourishing amongst an economic crisis. Last month, the US reported that the GDP dropped at an annualized rate of 33% in the 2nd quarter, the biggest drop in American history.

U.S. Coin Shortage from COVID-19 / Coronavirus: Are Everyday Coins Now Rare?

Recent news of coin shortages around the country have joined the list of unexpected side effects of the current COVID-19 crisis. You might be wondering what these coin shortages actually mean.

Greysheet Coin Values & Prices: Are They Accurate?

Since 1963, the Greysheet has been considered the leading authority on wholesale coin values and prices - a title they possibly do not deserve.

How To Determine Rare Coin Values

A rare coin’s potential value is one of the chief determining factors in a collector’s decision to acquire it...

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own Gold

Have you ever thought about buying gold? If so, this is a must read article for you...

What To Know About Buying Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Pre-1933 gold coins minted in the United States are a great alternative to gold bullion investing...

When Is The Right Time To Buy Gold?

Have you ever thought about buying gold? If so, this is a must read article for you...

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