How To Determine Rare Coin Values

A rare coin's potential value is one of the chief determining factors in a collector’s decision to acquire it, as the right rare coin can lead to a future fortune.

Determining Rare Coin Values

There are many complex factors that go into defining a coin’s rarity, and are discussed further in detail here. In the past, determining the potential value of a coin on your own would usually entail doing a lot of research, and knowing where to start has been a daunting task for even the experienced collector. Fortunately, use of the vast Numis DB database makes this task a simple and stress-free process, with the known value of coins from every region and era at a user’s fingertips.

Understanding the traditional process, however, can enlighten collectors as to how these values are determined within the database, as well as give leads as to how they can do their own additional research on coins they want to learn more about. Below, we will explore some of the helpful on- and offline resources that bring insight to a coin’s value.

Records of Past Auctions and Sales

Rare coins are often bought and sold at auctions, and records of these past sales can often be found online in a variety of places. Learning about a coin’s past performance at different auctions gives a potential buyer some great insight as to the coin’s potential worth, and can also give clues to a coin’s popularity. Numis DB’s advanced technology pools millions of these past auction records together to reach a more exact valuation of a coin based on its past performance, popularity, and market availability, eliminating the collector’s need for guesswork.

Without the need for deep digging, collectors can still use these records to gain more information about current trends, learn about their collection, and help determine other types of coins that they may be interested in. These online sources also tend to have other helpful resources for collectors as well, such as directories of local dealers in your area, and lists of upcoming auctions and events.

Speak to an Expert

Coin dealers and numismatists are excellent sources of information regarding the history and trends of coins and their values. Due to their knowledge and expertise in the coin industry, they can be a helpful guide for collectors with specific questions regarding their coin collection. Dealers may have more firsthand knowledge of coins’ current market value and availability, and in contrast, numismatists may be experts in coins of certain regions or sub-specialties and have a greater depth of historical knowledge to help support their claims. Depending on the coin in question, either may be helpful in providing guidance to determining a coin’s value, and to finding more information about a coin and its history.


Rare coins can be an excellent investment, but predicting which coins will be the most valuable addition to your collection can be tough. Numis DB’s true market values based on hard data relieve the pressure of collectors having to do this research on their own to make their best guess. But having a list of additional reliable resources to refer to when purchasing coins can help a collector be as informed as possible on their investment. Expanding your knowledge in every part of the coin industry will only help you to make smart investment decisions now and in the future.

NGC Website

NGC (short for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) is the world’s largest third-party coin grading service, and their website (located at is a fantastic resource for determining the value of US coins in particular. Their vast and well organized database houses individual pages for each coin and its specifications, as well as a grade summary for each coin and lists of past auction sales for each grade. NGC’s strong reputation as a leading coin grading service makes them a reliable and trusted source for coin value research.

CDN Publishing Resources

CDN Publishing ( is another great resource not only for determining coin values, but looking up current market values for paper money and precious metals. Much like the NGC website, coins are searchable by region and type, and their specifications and past auction sales are listed. The website also has many other helpful resources for collectors and dealers, such as their extensive Dealer Directory, and the Coin & Currency Show Calendar, which lists upcoming auctions and events.

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