5 Reasons Everyone Should Own Gold

Investing in gold is not like buying stocks. Corporations go bankrupt, CEO's and accountants cook the books, and stock prices can fall to zero... but, not gold.

  • Balance - Gold is the foundation for a balanced portfolio.
  • Diversification - Your gold holdings serve to diversify paper investments.
  • Insurance - Over time, gold acts as insurance, reducing stock risks and providing high return potential.
  • Security - Gold is emergency money, portable and easy to sell in a financial crisis.
  • Protection - Gold provides excellent hedge protection against severe stock market crashes or inflation.

Gold Has Real Monetary Value

Remember that investing in gold is not like buying stocks. Corporations go bankrupt, CEO's and accountants cook the books, and stock prices can fall to zero.

Gold never becomes worthless.

When paper money was backed by gold, the U.S. Dollar had a stable, dependable backing. Sadly through, throughout history every paper currency not backed by gold has become worthless, given enough time.

Gold always has an underlying physical and monetary value. Best of all, gold prices usually move opposite to stock prices over the long haul.

This negative correlation of stocks to gold has historically meant that gold prices go up in the years when U.S. stock markets go down.

Gold, The Storehouse of Wealth

Over the decades, gold has proven itself as an ideal "storehouse of wealth." Gold has survived every major U.S. stock market crash throughout history. From a monetary point of view, gold in still the only “true yardstick” against which all wealth is ultimately measured.

The recent declines in the U.S. Dollar are more proof of the need to diversify from paper assets into gold. Keep in mind that every paper currency ever printed has declined in value or disappeared completely given enough time.

Gold Is Private, Portable Wealth

In contrast, when you own gold you have a monetary reserve; a private, portable source of wealth in an emergency and an appreciating asset during bad economic times.

The very best reason of all for holding gold in your portfolio is so you can sleep better at night. In these times of financial instability with another terrorist attack just a matter of time, we feel it's important to hold 10% to 20% of your portfolio in gold.

If you buy gold low and sell high, gold can be a source of significant profits over the long-term. We feel buying gold today offers you excellent profit potential.

In the most recent bull market for gold, the price of gold topped $850 per ounce. Today, gold is a bargain compared only to the past market high.

Growing Demand

In the decade ahead, the price of gold will be driven by growing demand and reduced supplies from Central Bankers. Two key factors on the demand are the legalization of gold ownership in China and elimination of the VAT tax on gold in England.

As a result, we feel Gold is an investment whose time will come again—
and soon. The future value that gold could attain is not limited except by the demand of dollars flowing out of stocks, bonds, paper money, and alternative investments.

Historically, that has happened during times of war, rising inflation, inflated oil and gas prices, and with the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. If any or all these economic factors have you worried, then gold may be the most logical alternative for your portfolio.

Order Gold Now Online

Today, gold is available in many forms – Gold Bars, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, or Austrian Philharmonics. You may order up to $2,500 in gold online from Austin Rare Coins and Bullion. For larger orders, call to taken advantage of price and quantity discounts.

One final word of advice. We highly recommend you insist on gold that is private and non-reportable when you buy and sell.

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