Why do I have to pay to get values on Numiis?

Our paid subscriptions make it possible for us to provide our AI coin recognition technology and vast coin encyclopedia for free :) We only charge users for access to coin values which is a tool that helps coin dealers and collectors make more money - so it's a win win. We do hope that you will consider supporting us by signing up for a paid subscription so that we can keep our programmers and numismatists on staff paid, and so that we can continue to improve our technologies for you.

What is numismatics?

It is often debated what the scope of numismatics is. The reality is that most numismatists aren't just experts in rare coins; they are also experts in bank notes, foreign currencies, and often jewelry and antiques.

What is a numismatist?

A numismatist is someone who studies and is a specialist in rare coins and currencies.

According to Wikipedia, the word origin of "numismatics" is, "of coins"; from Late Latin numismatis, genitive of numisma".

What is coin collecting?

More info coming soon...

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