1926 $1 MS Peace Dollar

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1926-P Peace Dollar Value

The 1926-P peace dollar value ranges from $1 to $100,000 depending on the quality of the coin and its mint strike type.

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What is a 1926-P Peace Dollar?

The 1926-P Peace Dollar is a silver coin that was produced at the Philadelphia mint. It has a legal tender value of $1.00. This was produced as a "Mint Strike" coin which usually means it was intended for use in daily transactions. The mintage of this coin is unknown and is therefore considered very rare at a minimum. This coin contains a large amount of silver at 24.05274 grams (0.77 oz. Adjusted Silver Weight).

1926-P $1 Peace Dollar (Obverse)

1926-P $1 Peace Dollar (Reverse)

Coin Specifications

Year 1926
Mint Philadelphia
Mintage 0
Diameter 38.1 millimeters
Production Mint Strike
Material Silver 90%
Weight 26.7300 grams / 0.8595 ounces
Precious Metal Silver
Metal Content 24.0527 grams / 0.7734 ounces
Metal Value $19.77  (as of 2020-12-22, 12:12 PM)
Obverse Designer Anthony de Francisci
Reverse Designer Anthony de Francisci
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