Important information for buying and selling gold and silver bullion during COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips and information you need to know during this volatile precious metals market.

One of the many side effects of economic uncertainty is an increased opportunity for investors to build their portfolio. As many look to take advantage of the current economic downturn, the task of choosing stocks and bonds at a time when the market is so volatile can be daunting. Investing in hard assets, a safer choice than stocks and bonds even during times of economic wellness, is an excellent combination of risk-management and diversification.

Precious metals bullion, such as gold, silver and platinum, are always an excellent investment choice, but they can be an especially attractive prospect during times like the current economic climate, as historically their value is generally not affected by financial or political upheavals. They are also unique in that they cannot be inflated and have intrinsic value. Each metal has its own advantages and risks, and doing your research on each metal’s unique properties and trends are only to your advantage.

Investing in rare coins is another great way to avoid the stock market and make smart investments that are appropriate for your budget and risk tolerance. As long as you have a safe deposit box to store your precious metals and currencies, you can feel good about storing your investments and staying safe from market volatility.

How do I know when is the right time to buy or sell?

Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that will tell you the right time to buy or sell any investment. Many investment strategies subscribe to the idea of buying on the way up and selling on the way up, and never attempting to predict the bottom or top of the market.

When you do decide it is time to sell, don’t second guess the timing. If you’ve made any money at all, even as little as 10%, feel good about cashing out and enjoying your return! If the value continues to rise after you’ve sold, never look back or view it as a mistake. As long as a profit was made, you made the right decision.

How do I get the best prices?

The most important step in becoming a coins and precious metals investor is to understand the value of your investments. Numis DB is home to the world's largest online database of current coin market values, and is the #1 resource to get information on coins from any region/country or time period - thanks to our unprecedented use of modern technology to gather and analyze massive amounts of data.

When researching precious metals, offers real-time prices and market commentaries that are helpful to investors of every level.

Where can I buy and sell gold and silver bullion?

APMEX, is one of the largest and most trusted online markets for precious metals. As you want to ensure that you are only buying and selling with reputable companies, they are a great place to start, but typing in a simple Google search of “buy gold bullion” will bring up dozens of other excellent and trustworthy companies you can look into.

There are also many online coin dealers to choose from, such as Powell Coins. You can also buy and sell from your local coin shop, which provides the added benefit of direct interaction with coin dealers, often great sources of expertise and knowledge. Additionally, coin dealers from all over the world do their business on larger sites such as eBay.


Even in the midst of economic uncertainty, a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate risks is to invest in precious metals and rare coins. There are many online resources to help you make smart investments and understand the value of precious metals and coins, and many opportunities both online and off to buy and sell your assets in a safe and secure way with reputable companies.

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