1878 7TF REV OF 78 $1 PF Morgan Dollar

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1878-P Morgan Dollar Value

The 1878-P morgan dollar value ranges from $1 to $100,000 depending on the quality of the coin and its mint strike type.

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What is a 1878-P Morgan Dollar?

The 1878-P Proof Morgan Dollar is a silver coin that was minted at the Philadelphia mint. It has a legal tender value of $1.00. As a "Proof" coin, it was minted in a limited quantity, which makes it likely less available than "business strike" or "mint strike" coins which are intended for use in daily transactions. The mintage of this coin is unknown and is therefore considered very rare at a minimum. This coin was minted in the first year of its series, and is a more popular coin to collectors for that reason, but not necessarily to investors. This coin contains a large amount of silver at 24.05274 grams (0.77 oz. Adjusted Silver Weight).

1878-P $1 (Proof) Morgan Dollar (Obverse)

1878-P $1 (Proof) Morgan Dollar (Reverse)

Coin Specifications

Year 1878
Mint Philadelphia
Mintage 250
Diameter 38.1 millimeters
Production Proof
Material Silver
Weight 26.7300 grams / 0.8595 ounces
Precious Metal Silver
Metal Content 24.0527 grams / 0.7734 ounces
Metal Value $18.80  (as of 2021-10-23, 3:10 AM)
Obverse Designer George T. Morgan
Reverse Designer George T. Morgan
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